New York, USA
status : Constructed

TM-01 is a wine bar in New York, specifically in the west village
of Manhattan, its name is Temperance NYC and comes to the city with
a disruptive and nice idea, the "democratization of wine" a place to taste glasses of an award-winning list of 100 wines, designed by sommelier
A.J Ojeda_Pons.
Our mission was to work together with The Morris Project NY agency
that had developed a brand concept based on offering a relaxed, informal, fun, yet vibrant, refined and sophisticated experience.

This project brings together various styles and eras, as well as cultures and interests, New York, California, Europe, the 50's, disco, funk, tapas and 100 wine options.  This generates the eclecticism that is conveyed in the interiors. Offering not only aesthetically but functionally different spatial configurations to live the experience in various possible ways, indoors, outdoors, at community table, individual tables, at the bar, in the private lounge, etc.

It is a neighborhood place where everyone is welcomed with open arms. The interiors evoke a warm
and relaxed atmosphere and a quirky personality, color and material games with a lot of simplicity and
a lot of strength.

Name       |TM01 / Temperancenyc
Location   |Manhattan, New York City
Status     |Built 
Categories |Interior design + Product + Architecture
Client     |Private
Photos     |Lyz Clayman

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