Olesa de Montserrat
status: Under Construction

Modern, functional and avant-garde.
A volume where we took the most aesthetic
and functional advantage of the metal structure.
It is a technical center for I+D as well as the offices 
of the department where large interior windows follow
the concept "all seen" which expose the Architecture
and the dynamics of the entire building.

Lasenor as a company will be embodied in this project, where the spaces speak for themselves. In a completely aseptic environment, they are combined with industrial aesthetics, technology and impeccable details, always with a common thread, blocks of color that represent the identity of the brand. A showroom that transmits technology, rigor, efficiency and a high level of quality.

We started with a
total demolition of
the existing industrial
building to create a
new building on its
foundations. We took
elements of the environ-
ment with ingenuity and
character, keeping all
the existing facilities on
the perimeter to turn
them into another
layer of the facade.

L-55 is an industrial box where all
the constructive, structural and installation
mechanisms are exposed to everyone's view.
Where the materials, lines and industrial
components constitute a rigid and impetuous
set but by playing with them we achieve
flexibility and harmony.

Name     | L-55
Location | Olesa de Monserrat - Cataluña
Category | Architecture - Interior design- Product design
Client   | Lasenor emul SL

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